About Us


Welcome to the Stim Me Flex website!


Here at Stim Me Flex, we want to help you concentrate better, destress and relax, and feel healthier. Stim Me's are flexible tools for your hands that help you feel things. They come in many types, colors, and 5 resistances. These Stim Me Flexes are extremely special, and we want to tell you why!


  1. Fun: Stim Me's are fun for everyone, no matter how old you are. Give them a try!
  2. Quiet: Stim Me's don't make much noise. You can use them in noisy or quiet places.
  3. Easy to Carry: You can easily take Stim Me's with you. Just put them in your hand or pocket.
  4. Combinable: You can stick different Stim Me's together to make cool shapes. That means you can use them in cool new ways!
  5. Long Lasting: Stim Me Flexes are strong and can be used a lot for about 6 to 7 months.
  6. Stretching Help: Use Stim Me's to stretch your upper body, like your shoulders.
  7. Health and Healing: Stim Me Flex variants help your hands and wrists strengthen, and get better. They can also assist your brain, track with you're getting better, feel less pain, and help with things like Carpal tunnel, injury recovery, upper body health and more.
  8. Your Name on It: We can put your name or pictures on Stim Me's. Right now, this is only for big orders, but soon anyone can do it.
  9. Mature Look: Stim Me's look fancy and are for people who want mature sensory tools.
  10. Learn with Them: Stim Me's are good for learning. They can help students and teachers work together.
  11. Focus Better: Use Stim Me's to use extra energy and do work on tasks better.
  12. Help for Amazing People: Stim Me's can help people who need special care, like those on the spectrum. They help with different associated problems and help you do better.
  13. Play with Friends: You can use Stim Me's with friends for games and learning together.


Stim Me's can help lots of different needs, even more than we said. People who use them love them, and you can find out why. Look on our site to see what we have and find your own favorite Stim Me Flex!


Explore our site for more, and ask us questions or email info@stimmeflex.com if you want to know things, especially about big orders.


Thanks again! We hope you have fun with your Stim Me Flex tool very soon!